Who Is Jack Harlow’s Girlfriend? Inside His Dating History

Who Is Jack Harlow’s Girlfriend? Inside His Dating History

Jackman Thomas Harlow born March 13, 1998 is an American rapper from Louisville, Kentucky.

He started his career in 2015 and released several EPs and mixtapes before he was signed to Don Cannon and DJ Drama’s record label Generation Now in 2018, an imprint of Atlantic Records.

Harlow’s first major breakthrough came with the release of his 2020 single, “What’s Poppin”. Aided by its popularity on TikTok, and following a remix with rappers DaBaby, Tory Lanez, and Lil Wayne, it peaked at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 and went on to receive a Grammy Award nomination.

Harlow was included on XXL magazine’s “2020 Freshman Class” before he released his debut studio album, That’s What They All Say 2020, which was certified platinum In the US.

In 2021, Harlow released a collaboration with Lil Nas X, “Industry Baby”, which reached number one on the Hot 100, becoming Harlow’s first chart-topper.

Jack Harlow

Who is Jack Harlow dating?

At the time of writing, Jack is still unmarried. In a recent interview with GQ Hype, the “What’s Poppin?” performer revealed his thoughts on relationships.

It’s unfortunate for the fans, but he acknowledged that dating a fan would result in him “closing up a little.”

“I adore ladies, and dating is nice,” Jack said. Funny thing is, you get more possibilities as you become bigger. Ironically though, because the stakes are so high, you close a little.

He continued, “There’s also a stigma attached to it. When I was younger, I recall hearing artists who were more famous than I was talking about how certain girls flocked to him simply because he was a rapper. That, in my opinion, was great. I couldn’t wait till girls started pursuing me only for my artistic abilities.

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He added, “Now I have no interest in that, though.”

In order to make sure that whatever happens between them is just for them, Jack also acknowledged that he makes any girl he hangs out with or dates sign NDAs.

Jack Harlow and Saweetie


Fans went crazy over Jack and Saweetie’s connection on the red carpet at the BET Awards in 2021, which gave rise to romance rumors.

Fans could cut the tension in their conversation with a knife after the rapper from “Industry Baby” introduced himself to Saweetie during one of her interviews.

Jack clarified, however, that the situation was merely for him to say hello and that no one was firing their shot.

Jack Harlow and Addison Rae


After being seen together at an Atlanta boxing fight in April 2021, Jack and TikTok sensation Addison Rae originally fueled dating rumors.

There were rumors that the two had been out together and that Addison had liked several of Jack’s Instagram photos.

The He’s All That actor quickly dispelled the rumors, tweeting at the time, “I’m single.”