Who is Holly Fleet? 28, Woman who had Rectum and COlon Removed, now showing Off her Stoma bag


Who is Holly Fleet?

Holly Fleet, an inspiring 28-year-old woman who underwent a proctocolectomy, where her colon and rectum were removed after battling ulcerative colitis, which is a condition that sees the colon and rectum become inflamed is now opening up about her painful surgeries.

Holly Fleet

Holly is now living a happy life with a stoma bag.

Holly suffered from agonizing stomach pains and bleeding as a result of the condition, which has been linked to cancer.

Holly described the procedure to have her rectum sewn shut as ‘excruciating’ and mentally difficult,’ and said it felt like superglue down there as it healed.

‘It was really painful and sore,’ Holly, a journalist from Barnet, London, said.

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‘I had dissolvable stitches, which felt like superglue.’

‘I was vomiting so much and had to have a tube up my nose after the surgery.

‘I was expecting to not be able to sit down for six months but amazingly within a week I was fine.

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‘I’m truthful and not hiding that it was one of the world’s most painful surgeries but the pain is short-lived.

‘It could have saved my life so it was worth it.

‘I had low self-esteem about my stoma bag at first but now I’m comfortable showing it off

‘I want to normalise it.’

Holly was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in November 2021, after initially experiencing severe stomach pain in January 2020.

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She initially attributed her symptoms to the stress of starting a new job at a newspaper, as well as her body adjusting to a new night shift eating pattern.

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