Who is Farah Damji? London’s ‘most dangerous woman’ to be freed in just DAYS

Who is Farah Damji?

According to reports, a convicted stalker who was once dubbed London’s “most dangerous woman” will be extradited to the UK after a judge at the High Court in Dublin last week ordered that she would not face further charges in Ireland for failing to surrender to bail.

Farah Damji, 55, also known as Farah Dan, is the daughter of property tycoon Amir Damji, who was born in South Africa.

In 2016, she was sentenced to five years in prison for stalking a churchwarden she met on an online dating site.

She escaped the UK during her trial in London in February 2020 and came to Ireland. She was sentenced to 27 months in prison in the United Kingdom for violating restraining orders while incarcerated.

Farah Damji

She was arrested in Dublin in August 2020 and detained in custody for seven months, before being granted bail.

Southwark Crown Court heard in 2020 that while in prison, Damji raised £5,000 by asking for donations on Twitter to hire a top QC to appeal her conviction in November 2016.

According to reports, she also published online ‘character assassinations’ of people she was prohibited from mentioning due to restraining orders.

She also accused the investigating officer of “stalking and harassing her” and wrote a letter to a government agency about it.

Damji is not permitted to mention the officer’s name because of the terms of her restraining order. She also launched an online campaign to smear the officer.

“She has made herself absolutely scarce so that the police cannot find her. In my view this defendant is extremely manipulative. She has done her best to disrupt the smooth running of these proceedings from the moment she arrived at this court. She is playing the system and she continues to play the system, in my view,” Judge Michael Gledhill was quoted as saying by the MailOnline.

She had fought her surrender to the UK in the Supreme Court of Ireland in June and was on bail while the judges heard her appeal.

Damji had spent a significant amount of time on remand in Ireland, according to Rhiannon Cole, who represented her on behalf of her Irish lawyers.

Damji was sentenced to prison for the first time in 2010 for a £17,500 benefit fraud, and she has a long history of convictions for fraud, theft, and perverting the course of justice, as well as at least three separate stalking convictions.