Who is Diana Zeldin? Biography, Age, Family, Facts about Lee Zeldin’s wife

Who is Diana Zeldin

Who is Diana Zeldin?

Diana Zeldin is well-known as the wife of American lawyer and congressman Lee Michael Zeldin.

She is a practicing Mormon. Diana could belong to the Mormonism cultural group. She followed the religion founded by Joseph Smith.

Lee, on the other hand, is of Jewish descent. His life revolves around Jewish religious holidays. He has thrived as a result of his parents’ strict Judaism.

His ancestor continued the tradition and contributed to the well-being of the Jewish community.

Before she married politician Lee, Zeldin’s surname was Gidish, but it is now Zeldin. Her husband is of American origin. As a result, she is an American citizen.

Who is Diana Zeldin Husband?

Zeldin, the American lawyer’s wife, is also an attorney. L. Zeldin has traveled in the securing community with her partner Lee.

Lee also represents New York’s first congressional district in the United States House of Representatives.

Who is Diana Zeldin

Zeldin is also a member of the United States Army Reserve. He was an officer in the American Army Reserve.

He previously served as a senator from New York’s third congressional district. Furthermore, the lawyer is a Republican Party supporter.

Diana is said to have met her husband over a decade ago before tying the knot in a private wedding ceremony.

Diana Zeldin Net Worth

Zeldin’s net worth is estimated to be $ 2 million.

Diana Zeldin Age

Diana likes to keep her personal life private hence has not yet disclosed the year and month she was born.