Who is Diana Lands Nathanson? Interior Designer accusing Director Sacha Gervasi of Sexual Assault

Who is Diana Lands Nathanson?

Diana Lands Nathanson a friend of Gervasi’s heiress wife, Jessica de Rothschild, accuses The Terminal director in the lawsuit of multiple instances of harassment and groping, beginning when she was first hired in 2014.

She alleges that it finally resulted in Gervasi, 56, hitting her and pinning her to a table in January of this year.

She is currently requesting a jury trial in which she intends to get punitive damages in the amount of an unknown sum on the grounds that she suffered mental anguish.

It is yet unknown if Gervasi has a lawyer who can represent him in court. Press representatives for Gervasi and de Rothschild have been contacted by DailyMail.com for comment but have not yet returned.

Lands claims in her case, which was submitted on September 26 to the Superior Court of Los Angeles, that “Sacha Gervasi is a sexual predator.”

The complaint claims that Gervasi is a monster in private.

Despite being a well-known figure in the public eye, or maybe because of the unchecked authority that comes with such fame, Gervasi frequently engages in sexually harassing conduct.

After de Rothschild was accused of neglecting to pay subcontractors, it happens.

In May of this year, De Rothschild filed a fraud lawsuit against Lands, beginning her own legal conflict.

In court documents, Lands also acknowledged that she had a fleeting affair with the London-born filmmaker in the early 1990s.

Gervasi’s first position was working for British poet laureate Ted Hughes due to his talent and connections. Bush was Gavin Rossdale’s drummer before he became well-known.

Before she gave birth to their daughter, Bluebell, in 2005, he had a brief relationship with former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.

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The wedding of Gervasi and theatrical producer de Rothschild took place in London in December 2010, and notable guests included Alec Baldwin, Helena Bonham-Carter, Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran, and Simon Le Bon and his wife Yasmin Le Bon.

Lands said in court documents that she became more close to Gervasi as a result of his marriage to the British heiress.

Lands wanted to be friends with Gervasi and de Rothschild more closely because she believed she would be better protected given their connections, the author continued.

Unfortunately, Gervasi was lecherous and offensive in his physical behavior with Lands even with de Rothschild present.

The Hollywood Hills home that Lands said she was commissioned to restore for the couple in 2014 had previously belonged to Ryan Seacrest and Kevin Costner.

According to Lands, “Gervasi frequently caressed and fondled Lands in a sexually improper way” when she was employed by the couple.

She said that she put up with it because she wanted to finish the task and get compensated for her labor.

When the two met with a contractor for the house in July 2021, according to Lands, things got out of hand.

She asserts in the lawsuit that ‘Lands turned to say “goodbye” and opened the car door after the encounter.

When Lands apparently declined his attempt to kiss her, Gervasi allegedly shoved her up against the car and pressed his body against hers.

‘Lands kept turning her head and saying, “No, don’t do that.”

But ‘while Gervasi was pushing against lands, he put his hands on her breasts then moved them up her dress and onto her buttocks, then moved her underwear aside to get his hands between her legs.

‘Again, Lands told him to stop and he would not listen.’

Eventually, though, the lawsuit states, ‘Lands was able to push him off enough to get into the car and close the door.’

She said she drove away ‘shaking and in tears, and told a friend of the alleged assault.

Lands admitted that she was compelled to complete the task but said that Gervasi was persistent, holding her to a table inside the home by her wrists and “thrusting into her until she managed to leave.”

According to the lawsuit, the incident occurred in January 2022 while the two were meeting to discuss her payment for her work on the Hollywood Hills property.

He drew Lands down onto his lap, kissed her neck, and attempted to feed her the many candies he still had on his desk from the holiday season from the chair where Gervasi was seated.

Gervasi pushed her down onto the table and laid on top of her as she struggled to stand up from his lap.

‘His hands were on her wrists above her head. He tried to force his tongue into her mouth as he was thrusting into her,’ the lawsuit states.

Lands said she managed to break free and tried to escape but alleges he ‘closed the door so she could not get out.’

‘Lands kept telling him he had to stop and she needed to get out of the room and leave.

She finally got the door open and was able to get out of the room. He chased Lands to her car and tried again telling her that she wanted it.’

Gervasi, whose academic father was an economic adviser to John F. Kennedy while he was in the White House, grew up in an affluent and cultured household.

His first position after graduating from Oxford was with Ted Hughes, the British poet laureate.

After that, he started working for the curator of Samuel Beckett’s estate, getting his documents ready for a Sotheby’s auction.

Gervasi relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in cinema, and in 2004 he created the script for Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks’ The Terminal.

Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, and Scarlett Johansson starred in his debut narrative film, Hitchcock, which received an Oscar nomination.

His 2019 film My Dinner With Hervé, which starred Peter Dinklage as the French actor Hervé Villechaize, won an Emmy.

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