Who is David Johnston? Bio, Career, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Parents, Instagram

Written by: Amos Osrah

Who is David Johnston?

David Johnston is a Canadian academic, author, and former politician who served as the 28th Governor General of Canada from 2010 to 2017. He was born on June 28, 1941, in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

Johnston attended Harvard University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and later a law degree. He also earned a Master of Arts degree in government from Harvard.

Johnston’s academic career began at Queen’s University, where he was a professor of law and served as dean of the Faculty of Law from 1974 to 1979.

He later served as the principal and vice-chancellor of McGill University from 1979 to 1994 and as the president of the University of Waterloo from 1999 to 2010.

In addition to his academic career, Johnston has served on a number of boards and committees, including the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, the World Economic Forum, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

He has also authored or co-authored more than 20 books, including “The Canadian Quandary” and “The Idea of Canada: Letters to a Nation.”

Johnston retired from the position of Governor General on October 2, 2017, and was succeeded by Julie Payette. He continues to be active in public life and has received numerous honors and awards for his contributions to Canadian society.

David Johnston, his wife, Sharon, and their children and grandchildren

What is David Johnston’s net worth?

David Johnston has an estimated net worth of $2.1 million. Johnston has also had a successful academic and professional career, and has authored several books, but his exact net worth is not publicly disclosed.

Who is David Johnston’s Wife?

David Johnston’s wife is Sharon Johnston. She was born on June 28, 1942, in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. Sharon Johnston is an accomplished landscape architect and former teacher.

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Western Ontario, her Bachelor of Science degree in landscape architecture from the University of Toronto, and her Master of Landscape Architecture degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Who is David Johnston’s Wife?

Does David Johnston have kids?

David Johnston has five daughters with his wife Sharon Johnston. Their names are Catherine, Deborah, Martha, Mary, and Elizabeth. They also have several grandchildren.

How old is David Johnston?

David Johnston was born on  June 28, 1941, in Greater Sudbury, Canada. He is 81 years old.

Who are David Johnston’s parents?

David Johnston was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada to Dorothy Stonehouse Johnston and Lloyd Johnston.

Lloyd Johnston was a hardware store owner and an officer in the Canadian Army during World War II.

Dorothy Johnston was a nurse and a homemaker. David Johnston grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, where he attended elementary and high school.

What is David Johnston’s Height?

David Johnston is reported to be around 6 feet tall (about 183 cm) when he was younger.

Who are David Johnston’s siblings?

David Johnston has three siblings: a brother, Peter Johnston, and two sisters, Barbara and Wendy.

What is David Johnston’s Instagram?

David Johnston is not active on Instagram.


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