Who is Curtis Warren?

Who is Curtis Warren?

Curtis Francis Warren was born in Toxteth, Liverpool, on May 31, 1963.

Warren, also known as Cocky Watchman, dropped out of school when he was 12 and began his criminal career after being caught driving a stolen car.

He’d been sentenced to three months in a detention center by the time he was 15, in 1978, and was sent to borstal at the age of 18 for assaulting police officers.

He was sentenced to two years in prison in 1981 for assaulting a prostitute and her client.

On his release, Warren transformed himself into a bouncer at a nightclub in Liverpool.

But by the time he was 22, Warren was reported to be selling cannabis and ecstasy.

 Who is Curtis Warren?
Warren is the only drug dealer ever to make the Sunday Times Rich List.

According to a BBC podcast, Warren sailed to Venezuela in 1991 with yacht owner Brian Charrington.

There they were behind the importation of cocaine sealed inside lead ingots, the podcast claims.

What is Curtis Warren’s net worth?

Warren is the only drug dealer ever to make the Sunday Times Rich List.

He was listed as a property developer with £40 million at the time.

He was once estimated to be worth £ 200 million.

When he was sentenced in 2009, however, a forensic accounting investigation discovered only £20 million of his estimated £200 million fortune.

Why was Curtis Warren sent to prison?

Warren was imprisoned in the Netherlands in the 1990s after police raided his villa and discovered a massive stash of drugs and weapons.

Following a fight in the prison yard with a Turkish inmate, he was convicted of manslaughter.

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Following his release in 2009, he was arrested in Jersey for attempting to smuggle £ 1 million in cannabis onto the island.

He was imprisoned again and given an additional ten years in 2013 after failing to comply with a £198 million confiscation order.

The Jersey Police had been investigating his wealth in order to seize his proceeds from drug trafficking.

Who is Curtis Warren?

Warren was held at La Moye prison in Jersey before being transferred to HMP Long Lartin, a high-security prison in Worcestershire.

Where is Curtis Warren now?

On November 21, 2022, Warren was released from prison and is believed to be back in Liverpool.

He is now subject to a strict raft of restrictions which include a ban from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, being in the possession of more than £1,000 in cash, and a travel ban outside of England and Wales without giving a seven-day notice to the police.

If he fails to comply with these measures it could see him back in prison for up to five years.

An NCA spokesman said: “Action against serious and organised criminals doesn’t end with a conviction.