Who is Chen Jizhi

Who is Chen Jizhi?

Chen Jizhi was found guilty of the assault in the north-eastern city of Tangshan in June which began when one of the women rejected his advances.

guy who organized savage assault on four ladies who were dining at Chinese restaurant has been given 24-year jail term.

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Another 27 males were found guilty of the assault in which they battered the ladies with bottles, chairs, and fists.

A viral surveillance film started a discussion on gender violence in China.

Though their injuries were initially officially classified by authorities as “minimal,” two of the ladies spent time in intensive care after the attack, and the other two were photographed covered in blood.

Chen Jizhi

In addition to his 24-year prison term, Chen received a fine of 320,000 yuan (£40,000, $45,000).

The jail terms for the other accused ranged from six months to eleven years.

According to the Global Times, the court ordered Chen and the other five defendants to pay for the medical bills and other damages of the four victims.

Domestic violence, according to activists for women’s rights, is nonetheless widespread and underreported in China.

Who is Chen Jizhi

The local deputy director of district police and other officers’ handling of the issue, according to a report published shortly after the attack, had been “slow and wrong.”

According to journalists, Chinese officials sought to portray assaults on women as gang crimes by censoring internet discussions about such assaults.

The attack’s brutality provoked anger and ferocious discussion online, making it one of the most talked-about issues on Weibo, a well-liked social networking platform in China.

Source: Nsemwokrom.com