Fernando Cavenaghi Wife

Who is Cavenaghi?

Fernando Ezequiel Cavenaghi is a retired Argentine professional footballer. He played as a striker who was efficient in front of goal with either foot and from any range.

Born in O’Brien, Buenos Aires Province, Cavenaghi played for Rivadavia de Chacabuco and Bravado in the regional leagues between the ages of nine and twelve.

Who is Cavenaghi

Cavenaghi made his professional debut for River Plate in the 2000–01 season in which he scored one goal in five appearances.

In his first full season, he scored 17 goals in 23 appearances, including a hat-trick against Estudiantes.

In July 2004, Cavenaghi moved abroad for the first time, joining Spartak Moscow for a fee of US$12 million, then a record for a Russian team.

He failed to adapt to Russian football and was frozen out of the team following the arrival of manager Vladimir Fedotov in April 2006, whom he publicly criticized for his tactics.

He was put up for sale that December.

On 22 January 2007, Cavenaghi was sold to the French club Bordeaux. He signed a four-and-a-half-year deal for a €7 million fee.

Who is Cavenaghi

Through an Italian passport earned by his ancestry, he could work freely in the European Union. On 3 February he played his first Ligue 1 match against Nice.

In his first season, Bordeaux won the Coupe de la Ligue with a 1–0 win over Lyon in the final, with Cavenaghi an unused substitute.

During the 2007–08 season, he scored 22 goals in 35 appearances for Bordeaux.

What is Cavenaghi’s net worth?

How much does Cavenaghi make? Career earnings, Net worth.

Cavenaghi is a retired Argentine professional footballer who has a net worth of $1-5 Million.

Who is Cavenaghi’s wife?

Is Cavenaghi married? Who is his Wife?

Soledad Gaynor is the wife of the retired Argentine professional footballer, Cavenaghi.

He has been married to Soledad Gaynor since June 6, 2007.

Fernando Cavenaghi Wife

Does Cavenaghi have kids?

Who are Cavenaghi Children? Does he have a Son or daughter?

Sophie Cavenaghi is the daughter of the retired Argentine professional footballer, Cavenaghi.

Does Cavenaghi have kids

How old is Cavenaghi?

What is Cavenaghi’s age? When is his birthday?

Cavenaghi was born on September 21, 1983, in O’Brien, Argentina and he is currently 39 years.

What is Cavenaghi’s Height?

Cavenaghi stands at a height of 1.81 m.

Who are Cavenaghi’s parents?

Who are Cavenaghi’s Mother and father? Where are his parents?

Cavenaghi was born in O’Brien, Argentina to  Mónica Ferrero,and Edgardo Cavenaghi.

Who are Cavenaghi’s siblings?

Who are Cavenaghi Brothers and Sisters, his family members

 Belén Cavenaghi, Marcos Cavenaghi, and Nicolás Cavenaghi are the siblings of the retired Argentine professional footballer, Cavenaghi.

What is Cavenaghi’s Instagram?

Cavenaghi is active on Instagram as @fercaveoficial and has over 628K followers.