Who is Carson Senfield

Who is Carson Senfield?

Carson Senfield a Student of Tampa University and Native New Yorker was shot and killed over the weekend after he tried to get into a stranger’s car by mistake, authorities said.

When he was slain, Carson Senfield was enjoying his 19th birthday with friends. He attempted to get into the second car, but it’s unclear why.

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Carson Senfield, a 2021 Orchard Park High School graduate, celebrated his 19th birthday just a day before his tragic death on Saturday, according to his family.

“We spoke with him two days before, he was celebrating his birthday with friends on Friday evening,” heartbroken father Darren Senfield told Buffalo’s Channel 2.

Who is Carson Senfield

“Whether they were in Tampa or WNY, he liked his people. He was such a source of positive energy.

Around one in the morning, according to the police, Senfield was out with friends on South Howard Avenue when he decided to order an Uber to return to his house on West Arch Street.

Senfield reportedly attempted to get into another car after getting out of his Uber, which had a male in the driver’s seat.

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Police reported that Senfield was shot in the upper body by the driver, who did not know him. He was pronounced dead on the spot.

The shooter is assisting law enforcement, according to the Tampa Police Department.

Senfield passed away, according to a statement released by the University of Tampa on Saturday afternoon.

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A UT student was slain early this morning close to the junction of W. Arch and N. Munro streets, the university administration said in a statement.

“Our deepest sympathies are extended to the student’s family, friends, and everyone else who was impacted by this occurrence. All community members are valued by the university, which laments this unfortunate loss.

University first-year Gino Secchiano told Fox13 that the news had left everyone on campus in shock.

“Things like that can happen around here, but you don’t think they can since this is a small enough school where people know each other,” he added.

“It’s a tragedy, and I apologize to everyone and his family. My thoughts are with them.

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Senfield was a well-known high school hockey and basketball athlete, and his untimely passing has shocked Orchard Park, where he was raised.

Carson Senfield, an Orchard Park High School senior scheduled to graduate in 2021, passed away today, which hurts me deeply to notify you, said superintendent David Lillec in a statement released on Sunday.

“The Orchard Park School District acknowledges that Carson’s loss has a far-reaching impact given his vast network of friends and the fact that Carson’s two siblings attend OPHS.”