Who is Brianna Grier? 28-year-old Schizophrenic Woman dies after fall from Cop Car

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Who is Brianna Grier?

Brianna Grier was a 28-year-old woman who died from a fall in a Police car while she was arrested and being sent into custody.

Brianna Grier

Brianna Grier was arrested on July 15 while experiencing a medical emergency and passed away six days later after going into a coma.

Her family phoned the police as she was having an episode, according to 13WMAZ, but the authorities accused her of resisting arrest and brought her into custody

The GBI has released a video showing Grier screaming at the arresting cops, claiming she is not intoxicated, and screaming “get off me” and “I ain’t broken no law.” While being taken into prison by police, one of whom had used his stun gun, she remarked, “You see if I don’t hang myself when I get in there.”

Grier was put in the patrol cruiser on July 15 just before one in the morning, according to a time stamp on the footage.

Grier had a history of mental health crises, according to civil rights lawyer Ben Crump, who is representing the Grier family. The family had previously called the police on multiple occasions. Crump said at a news conference on Friday, “But this time they just phoned the police, and the police didn’t bring the ambulance with them, even though Ms. Mary (Brianna’s mother) clearly claimed she was having an episode. According to Grier’s father Marvin Grier, “When they used to come out to the house, they’d call an ambulance service.” “The ambulance service would arrive and transport her to the hospital to receive assistance.”

Mary Grier remarked, “God knows I wouldn’t have phoned [the police] to come and grab her if I had known it was going to turn out like this. Since the meeting, Brianna Grier has remained unconscious, according to her sister Lottie Grier, who spoke to NBC News. But after a doctor informed her family that she was “brain dead,” her ventilator was turned off. I simply broke down in tears because it was so absurd that she was lying there with tubes and pipes all over her when there was no need for it. Mary Grier stated, “It didn’t have to be that way. The family now wants clarification on the statements made by the authorities. Mary Grier said, “If she got out the car, they had to let her leave the car.” That is how I take it because a police car’s door cannot be opened from the inside; it must be done from the outside. She’s correct. Patrol cars are “ALWAYS intended to be locked from the inside,” according to Geoffrey Alpert, a professor of criminal justice at the University of South Carolina and an authority on police training.

While one officer can be heard asking another officer if the door is closed, the body camera video does not reveal whether cops opened, closed, or otherwise interacted with the back passenger side door.

After the officers have left the home of the Grier family less than a minute later, the camera captures an officer abruptly stopping his car and exiting. When the officer exits the vehicle, Grier is found face down by the side of the road. When the officer taps Grier’s side and calls her name, she doesn’t answer.

The officer then radios to a patrol car approaching from behind him to let them know they will require an ambulance. The video shows Grier lying face down on the ground with the passenger car door open, but it does not capture the exact moment she exits the car. According to the second officer, Brianna Grier is still breathing. After tumbling out of the patrol car, Grier does not answer when the cops shout her name. As cops wait for paramedics, the video finishes with Grier lying on the ground.

Hancock County Sheriff Terrell Primus visited Mary and Marvin Grier and informed them that Brianna had been transported with a head injury to Grady Hospital in Atlanta. Brianna suffered two skull fractures, and as a result of those wounds, she passed away. The situation is still being looked into.

Brianna Grier was a 28-year-old woman who died from a fall in a Police car while she was arrested and being sent into custody.

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