Who is Alicia Franklin

Who is Alicia Franklin?

Many people question what might have been done to stop awful things from happening, like the kidnapping and murder of Memphis teacher Eliza Fletcher.

A young lady who claimed that the same suspect in Fletcher’s murder molested her sexually said that police failed to do enough to help her case and failed Fletcher.

“I’m furious. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t consider this, “Alicia Franklin remarked.

Alicia Franklin: Woman says she was raped by Eliza Fletcher's suspected  killer a year before murder | The Independent

The DNA findings from Cleotha Abston Henderson’s rape kit weren’t made public until after Fletcher vanished, despite the fact that Franklin was reportedly raped by the suspect a year before Fletcher vanished.

“When they interrogated me that evening, they had more than enough proof to remove him from the streets. However, they did not, “Erielle Reshef of ABC was told by Franklin.

Henderson didn’t show up in court until last week on charges associated with the incident involving Franklin, including particularly aggravated kidnapping, aggravated rape, and illegal possession of a firearm.

Henderson has connected to Franklin’s case thanks to the results of the 2021 rape kit that was submitted. His defense was not guilty.

Franklin and her attorneys assert that Henderson would have been apprehended and taken off the streets if Franklin’s rape kit had been processed sooner.

Who is Alicia Franklin

Despite the fact that Franklin was allegedly raped by suspect Cleotha Abston Henderson a year before Fletcher vanished, the DNA evidence from her rape kit was not made public until after Fletcher vanished.

“That evening, when they interrogated me, they had more than enough proof to remove him from the streets. They did not, although “Franklin spoke with Erielle Reshef of ABC.

Franklin and her attorneys claim that if Franklin’s rape kit had been processed sooner, law enforcement may have identified Henderson and taken him off the streets.

Franklin said that he took her to a white Dodge Charger behind the apartment and held a pistol to her neck when they entered the building. “He raped me and pushed me into the car.”

Franklin claims that she was four months pregnant at the time.

“I informed him of my pregnancy. He had no concern, “She spoke.

Franklin claimed that after that, he allegedly forced her back into the empty apartment before driving off in a car while Franklin managed to flee.