Who is Alex Gibson? Mother, 36, was stabbed outside primary school by her best friend

Who is Alex Gibson? Mother, 36, was stabbed outside primary school by her best friend

A mother was stabbed with a screwdriver outside a primary school by her former best friend, a court heard.

Alex Gibson, 36, claimed Sabrina McVey, 32, assaulted her on June 14, 2021, at St Anne’s Primary School in Glasgow’s East End.

Miss Gibson, a dog groomer, claimed McVey ‘charged’ up to her and struck her face, head, and back with a metal object.

She also mentioned that she bled and needed stitches later on.

McVey is on trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court on charges of assaulting Miss Gibson, causing her injury and permanent disfigurement.

The charge states McVey, who lives in Barmulloch, struck Miss Gibson on the head and body with a screwdriver.

McVey has filed a special defense of self-defense.

She is also accused of behaving threateningly or abusively at the same time and place.

Miss Gibson, a dog groomer, testified in court that she went to the school to pick up her child around 2.45 p.m.

Who is Alex Gibson? Mother, 36, was stabbed outside primary school by her best friend

Miss Gibson stated that there had been disagreements with McVey’s family outside of school.

Prosecutor Heather Naismith inquired as to what happened when Miss Gibson saw McVey.

She replied: ‘She came towards me and just started shouting and swearing then went for me.

‘I tried to push her away but I felt a sharp object so I covered my face and I could feel blood pouring from my head.’

The witness stated that the object was ‘like metal’.

She stated that she suffered injuries to her cheek, back and forehead.

Miss Gibson added that McVey laughed and claimed that she had used her nails.

The witness however said that she saw McVey put something in her bag.

Miss Gibson told the court that there was a second fight which she ‘may’ have initiated but the pair were separated.

Miss Naismith asked what effect the incident has had on her.

She replied: ‘It’s hard that she did that to me after being her best friend for 25 years.

‘It was more about her getting into such serious trouble which is why I took my clothes and stuff off.

‘I didn’t give it to the police.’

Steven Grady, defending, showed images of McVey with injuries to her face.

Video footage was also shown allegedly of the pair in an argument near Miss Gibson’s grandmother’s house days before the incident.

Mr Grady said: ‘Did you not invite her to fight before that?’

Miss Gibson replied: ‘No.’

Mr Grady: ‘You didn’t threaten her on the Saturday and then tried to attack her on the Monday?’

Miss Gibson stated: ‘No.’

Mr Grady: ‘After you were stabbed, you didn’t go after her again with your boyfriend and gave her a kicking, did that not happen?’

Miss Gibson: ‘No.’

The trial continues before Sheriff Lindsay Wood.