Where will John Motson be buried? Cause of Death, Burial venue, Burial Date

Where will John Motson be buried

John Motson is a retired English football commentator. He was born on July 10, 1945, in Salford, England.

Motson started his broadcasting career in 1968 as a sports reporter for BBC Radio 2 and later became a television commentator for the BBC.

He became one of the most recognizable voices in British football commentary, known for his distinctive vocal style, encyclopedic knowledge of the game, and iconic sheepskin coat.

Where will John Motson be buried

Motson covered numerous football matches and major tournaments, including 10 World Cups and 29 FA Cup finals, during his career. He retired from broadcasting in 2018 after nearly 50 years of service to the BBC.

In 2008, Motson announced his retirement from live television commentary. He continued to cover games for Match of the Day highlights and appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live as well as commentating on CBeebies’ Footy Pups.

Legendary commentator John Motson has sadly passed away aged 77.

Where will John Motson be buried

Where will John Motson be buried? Burial venue, Burial Date

The funeral and burial of John Motson will take place very soon, and we’ll keep you updated on the day, hour, and location.

However, as of right now, nothing has been made public about it, and the family is still in the morning mood.

Cause of Death

The cause of death is currently unknown.

The BBC has announced the death of legendary football commentator John Motson at the age of 77. Motson, whose broadcasting career spanned more than five decades, covered ten World Cups, ten European Championships, 29 FA Cup finals, and over 200 England games.