Cadiz Vs Barcelona

What Happen to Cadiz Vs Barcelona

The cozy home of Cádiz in beautiful Andalusia is the site of a La Liga clash between the hosts and Barcelona, who come into this one in red-hot form looking for their fourth consecutive win in the league and their fifth in a row in all competitions.


The game has been stopped for an apparent medical emergency in the crowd, and the Cádiz goalkeeper was seen rushing to throw a mobile device, possibly a defibrillator, into the stands. Here’s hoping the person is able to make it.

What we know so far:

A supporter has suffered a medical issue and the game between Cadiz as well as Barcelona has been paused until further notice.

Stewards and medical staff are attending to the situation and are looking after the fan.

What Happen to Cadiz Vs Barcelona

Cadiz goalkeeper Ledesma ran towards the stands with what looked like a medical kit, which he offered to the crowd

Players, managers, referees and fans are evidently concerned

90 Players are visibly concerned, the game has obviously stopped until further notice.

Stewards and medical staff are tending to a fan who’s suffered a health issue

The players are still on the pitch.

But a decision could be made to call them back to the dressing room.

At this point in time, we can’t give you more details but will keep you updated as this concerning situation progresses

Players are going back to the dressing room.

Obviously, there is no information about when the match will restart.

The fan’s health and life is the absolute priority.