What did Joe Manchin do for a living?

What did Joe Manchin do for a living?

Since 2010, Joseph Manchin III has held the position of senior United States senator representing West Virginia. He is an American politician and businessman.

He served as West Virginia’s 27th secretary of state from 2001 to 2005 and as the state’s 34th governor from 2005 to 2010. He is a Democrat. When Jay Rockefeller resigned in 2015, Manchin took over as the state’s senior senator.

As the most conservative Democrat in the Senate, he has described himself as “centrist, moderate, and conservative.” Manchin is a Republican in Congress who has a reputation for working across the aisle with Republicans on topics including abortion, immigration, energy policy, and gun control.

What did Joe Manchin do for a living

Manchin holds a pilot’s license and belongs to the National Rifle Association. On August 5, 1967, he got married to Gayle Heather Conelly. Joseph IV, Brooke, and Heather Manchin Bresch, who served as CEO of the Dutch pharmaceutical giant Mylan, are the couple’s three children.

He is a Catholic

Manchin received honorary degrees from both Wheeling Jesuit University and Davis & Elkins College, where he gave commencement addresses in 2006 and 2010, respectively.

In December 2012, Manchin expressed his discontent with MTV’s Buckwild, a new reality series based in Charleston, the state’s capital, and requested the network’s president to axe it because it gave an inaccurate and unfavorable impression of his home state. The first season of the program was its last.

One of Manchin’s brothers, John Manchin II, sued Manchin and his other brother, Roch Manchin, in a lawsuit that was filed in July 2014 regarding a $1.7 million debt. The case claimed that Joe and Roch Manchin had taken out a loan to maintain operations at the family-run carpet store that Roch managed, that no repayment had yet been made, and that the defendants had used other means to avoid paying John Manchin II damages for non-payment. On June 30, 2015, John Manchin II withdrew the lawsuit.

OpenSecrets.org estimates that Manchin’s net wealth was over $7.6 million as of 2018.

When in Washington, Manchin commutes in a Maserati and resides on a houseboat on the Potomac River.