We’re identical strangers with the same name and job — so we took a DNA test

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identical -After years of being confused for one another, two Minor League Baseball pitchers with the same name — and strikingly similar appearance — underwent a DNA test to find out whether they’re indeed related.

Brady Feigl, 32, of the Long Island Ducks, looks almost identical to the other Brady Feigl, 27, of the Las Vegas Aviators. They are each 6 feet 4 inches tall, have blazing red hair, and wear glasses.

The doppelgängers were first confused for one another in 2015 when they both had the same elbow surgery performed by the same specialist, Dr. James Andrews.

“I was probably six or seven months out of surgery and their office called our trainer and said, ‘Hey, when’s Brady reporting for surgery? Is he getting down here tomorrow?’ ” the younger Feigl told The Clarion-Ledger at the time.


Brady Feigl Mesa Solar

Feigl afterwards discovered that he had a major lookalike.

“He said, “He had it six months ago. “What are you on about?” Feigl elaborated. “That’s how I discovered there were two of us.”

A few years later, in 2017, the duo experienced another identity dilemma when the University of Missouri baseball team tagged the wrong Feigl in a birthday tribute on Twitter, where the Las Vegas player was signed at the time.

“Wrong Brady Feigl,” said the former San Diego Padres player. “Perhaps seeking for”  @bfeigl39.

Surprisingly, these two were not separated at birth; the DNA test revealed no biological relationship. Despite their age difference, the Feigls remain bonded to one another.

“We’re still brothers in a manner,” the older Feigl told The Sun.

The Feigls may not be the only two identical strangers out there; a Cell Reports study of 32 pairings published in August 2022 discovered that people who appear alike but are not related share genetic commonalities.

According to CNN, researchers requested the doubles to take a DNA test and fill out a questionnaire about their life as part of the study. The researchers also ran the photos of the doppelgängers through three separate facial recognition tools.