Watch man ‘having the time of his life’ smoking crack on subway

Watch man ‘having the time of his life’ smoking crack on subway

People in New York are outraged after seeing a man smoking what seems to be crack on camera while riding the subway.

The wired, bug-eyed passenger lights a glass pipe and exclaims, “Oh man!” while sucking on it.

Check him out, everyone. He’s having the time of his life!,” the videographer says in the 23-second clip taken last month on an uptown 4 train.

The energized passenger spins around, leans up against the subway doors, and yells, “Ayo, damn man!” while sporting a blue surgical mask covering his forehead.

During the floor show, a irate passenger with a buzzcut stares straight ahead while other passengers keep their distance from the apparent crackhead.

On the train, that shouldn’t be taking place. Mine Bah, a 23-year-old rapper and Bronx Community College student, described it as “simply ridiculous” when he shared the October video on his Instagram account Malcolmx 2 last month. The Brooklyn man informed The Post that a friend had videotaped the encounter and uploaded it on social media. Over 38,000 people have liked the post.

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Lady d88 made fun of her guy, the buzzcut man, saying, “My guy is just sitting next to him breathing it in too, trying to catch a hit.”

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