Video: Watch the embarrassing moment Moesha was sacked off the BET red carpet when taking pictures

As reported earlier, no Ghanaian musician represented Ghana at the just ended Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards. But Ghana’s very own socialite, Moesha Buduong was able to manoeuvre her ways to grace the prestigious event.

As usual of socialites in Ghana especially Moesha Buduong who have undying love for taking pictures basically for social media likes, shares and comments. Moesha was all over the place with her cameraman following her around

Fortunately or unfortunately on the part of Moesha in one of the videos she posted on her Insta-stories, she was actually ordered to step off the red carpet stage. Perhaps, her name isn’t on the list of media houses who have the right to take pictures.

Watching the embarrassing footage, one could hear a laughter in the background after she was ordered to step off the red carpet stage. Y’all know that BET isn’t like VGMAs that infamous personalities can do whatever they fee it’s good in their eyes.

Watch the embarrassing footage below:

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