Vermont sheriff’s deputy shot by cops in upstate New York following gunfight

Vermont sheriff’s deputy shot by cops in upstate New York following gunfight

Police in Saratoga Springs shot an off-duty Vermont sheriff‘s deputy after he exchanged gunfire with a group of individuals early on Sunday, according to police.

Police and the town’s mayor said at a press conference that was captured on camera by The Daily Gazette that the deputy was shot numerous times after he refused authorities’ orders to put down his gun.

According to Saratoga Springs police, a heated dispute between a group of guys and the off-duty deputy started around three in the morning.

At the intersection of Broadway and Caroline Street, three individuals are accused of pushing the deputy to the ground and slamming him into a parked car.

He brushed himself off and pulled out a gun, trading shots with another man in the group who was also carrying a gun. According to police, the two exchanged seven to eight shots with one another.

Officers from the neighborhood who had heard the shots hurried to the shooting scene and saw the deputy holding the gun.

The department has released body cam footage that shows the officers repeatedly ordering the deputy to lay down his weapon.

Police fired after he continued to hold onto his gun.

At the news conference, James Montagnino, the commissioner of Saratoga Springs Public Safety, stated, “By my count, there are at least eight different, plain, unequivocal demands to put the pistol down and get on the ground.” They are all disregarded,

Although authorities claimed it was uncertain if he had been shot ten times, he sustained ten bullet wounds that included both entry and exit wounds. According to WRGB-Albany, he was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment and is now in a stable condition.

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Vermont sheriff

At least 11 times were fired by police. No policemen were hurt.

A man from the Utica area who was involved in the initial altercation was also hurt, as was a woman who is thought to be the deputy’s girlfriend.