Timing of World Cup beer ban and armbands plan are unfortunate – Germany team chief

Timing of World Cup beer ban and armbands plan are unfortunate – Germany team chief

Oliver Bierhoff, the director of the Germany squad, said on Saturday that the timing of a beer ban issued two days before the World Cup started in Qatar this week was bad and would cause concern among spectators.

Bierhoff added that it was puzzling that Fifa planned to utilize many captains’ armbands with various themes considering that Germany and some other European countries will wear their own anti-discrimination “One Love” armbands to encourage inclusivity.

The tournament’s organizers in Qatar had long promised that fans would be able to purchase alcohol there, but on Friday, two days before the tournament’s start on Sunday, Fifa abruptly reversed course.

The World Cup in Qatar is the first to be staged in a Muslim nation with strict alcohol laws that forbid drinking in public.

Germany team chief

At a press conference, Bierhoff stated, “This is in fact a problem. “I’ve also mentioned planning in relation to the captains’ armbands, so that is what I’m saying now.

Such a hasty judgment (on beer) is regrettable and unsettling, according to Bierhoff.

“This (beer) is a component of the competition, but I cannot really comprehend the timing and decision-making process because there was ample opportunity to make such a choice before.”

12 years ago, Qatar was given the World Cup.

Bierhoff, who has previously criticized Fifa for making a last-minute announcement, said he was equally surprised by the organization’s most recent armbands plan, which was announced earlier on Saturday.

According to Bierhoff, “I heard about that and the short notice is a little shocking and it seems like Fifa does not have a clear position.”

“We take a certain stance. I’ll monitor this situation’s development, and then we’ll talk to the other European countries about it. We anticipate being permitted to don the (One Love) armband “said he.

The armband will be worn by a number of countries to protest discrimination. In Qatar, homosexuality is forbidden.