TikTok: Who Is Erika Kullberg Husband? The Attorney Went Viral On Internet With Her Flight Delay Video

Attorney and personal financial specialist Erika Kullberg has 8.8 million TikTok fans.

Erika graduated from Georgetown Law and the University of Notre Dame, where she also started the Georgetown Law Entrepreneurship Club.

TikTok: Who Is Erika Kullberg’s Husband?

Erika Kullberg has been wed before. During an interview with Wildly Wealthy Life, she discussed how she met a man and wed him in Tokyo.

I ended up in Tokyo after finishing law school. My early years were mostly spent in Japan. Erika added, “My mother is Japanese, and my father is American.

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The lawyer hasn’t yet revealed her husband’s identity or made him widely known. It looks like Erika is content in her marriage because there is no mention of her divorce in the media.

The precise date of Kullberg and her husband’s wedding is unknown, however, they may have dated for a very long period before getting hitched.

Her spouse seems to be a lovely guy who looks out for her and having a husband who is this kind of loving and caring is always a blessing for any lady.

Erika Kullberg Flight Delay Video

Over 2.3 million people have watched Erika Kullberg’s flight delay TikTok video on the platform.

Erika shows viewers in the video how to get a free hotel stay if their flight is delayed.

She inquires about the flight’s status with the airport receptionist in the video, and she is told that she must wait since a number of the flight crew members had phoned in ill.

According to Erika, who claims to have reviewed the airport’s terms of service, if a flight is delayed and a passenger does not board by 11:59 p.m., the airport is liable for paying for the cost of the traveler’s overnight hotel.

The airport receptionist responds, “Okay, alright. We will pay the hotel bill and rebook the passenger’s trip for tomorrow morning.”

How Old Is Erika Kullberg? Wikipedia Bio

The 12th of January 1990 saw the birth of Erika Kullberg. Erika is a Capricorn woman who is 32 years old. That sign governed her birth.

After repaying more than $225,000 in student debts in less than two years, Kullberg found her calling as a personal finance educator. She currently produces content for social media in an effort to inspire others with her understanding of finances.

Erika Kullberg

She is a prominent financial influencer and one of the most well-known lawyers on social media, with close to 4.1 million Instagram followers. Likewise, she regularly posts on Instagram under the username @erikankullberg.

Erika has started a YouTube channel, which now has 615k followers.

Erika Kullberg Net Worth 2022 & Career

The predicted net worth of Erika Kullberg in 2022 is $1.2 million. Erika worked as a corporate attorney for a big company before opening her own business.

Erika, who claimed to be making six figures at the time, decided she had to leave after her employer refused to work with her during a family emergency.

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By the time Erika quit her corporate career at the age of 30, she had established 12 revenue streams, several of which are now passive sources of income.

The personal financial expert is paid a commission when she uses, shares, or posts links to products or services on social media.