Thomas Barnes: STORY OF A SHAGGY DOG My pet dog Marino unintentionally purchased pay-per-view pornography for £70. Embarrassingly so

A MAN was embarrassed to learn that his dog had unintentionally ordered pornographic pay-per-view DVDs for £70.

Who is Thomas Barnes?

Thomas Barnes, 58, blamed his angelic-looking Bichon Frise, Marino, for the X-rated order after the pet got hold of the TV remote.

He claimed the dog barged into his bed after pressing the remote’s buttons to request a selection of raunchy videos.

According to reports, Marino mistakenly paid for access to the Hustler channel, a semi-hardcore premium US pornographic TV station.

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Thomas instantly phoned his satellite provider DirecTV “within minutes” after realizing his dog had made a lewd transaction.

He claimed the business promised to return him the money and claimed Marino was actually to blame for the expensive purchase.

The dog owner later understood, however, that he still had access to the obscene channel.

Thomas discovered the satellite company had added a £70 charge for the pay-per-view porn service when his account arrived.

The 58-year-old subtracted the cost of the Hustler channel and paid the remaining balance in an effort to avoid being charged for his dog’s error.

He was, however, unhappy to learn that DirecTV had, as a result, fully terminated his TV subscription.

“You’re ripping food out of my mouth with that $70,” Thomas reportedly told the News & Observer. It appears that you are stealing it.

“They refused to see how that was pertinent.”

The native of North Carolina, who relies on Social Security disability payments, was concerned that the unexpected expenditure would put him in a difficult financial situation.

Thomas was determined to defeat the satellite provider like a hound with a bone.

Thomas Barnes: Dog

He added: “There’s a problem when there’s a mistake, and you expect me to pay for the mistake.”

The 58-year-old made the decision to file a complaint about the fee with the Federal Communications Commission.

DirecTv eventually consented to credit Thomas’ account for his dog’s disparity when the government agency became involved.

The amusing incident from 2019 has just reappeared and is making news once more.

However, it appears that Thomas is not the only dog owner whose canines have made them uncomfortable.

Before it went viral for the wrong reasons, Ben Glews posed for a cute picture in bed with his wife Linda and their five-year-old bulldog.

Users of social media amusingly confused his physique for the dogs due to the stretched-out dog’s appearance.

Due to the awkward angle of the photo, many people assumed he was mocking his “micropenis” while posing nude.