The UK teams get their World Cup under way but it’s possible the captains could be booked for their activism.

The UK teams get their World Cup under way but it’s possible the captains could be booked for their activism.

It happens in the midst of continuous ambiguity around potential FIFA sanctions for their activity, including possible yellow cards for England captain Harry Kane and Wales captain Gareth Bale.

When England takes on Iran at Khalifa International Stadium at 1 p.m. UK time and Wales takes on the United States at 7 p.m. UK time, both were scheduled to wear a OneLove multicolored armband.

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It is believed that FIFA has placed the Football Association in a challenging situation, and conversations are currently taking place.

The anti-LGBT policies of Qatar are not specifically mentioned in the armbands.

But after more than two months, FIFA has yet to officially answer to queries regarding whether such messages on equipment would be allowed or would be seen as prohibited.

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Last month, FA chief executive Mark Bullingham told Sky News that England was preparing for a potential sanction.

FIFA was silent on the request from England, Wales, and some other European countries, but on Saturday it abruptly declared that teams could wear armbands of their choosing during the World Cup.

For the first round of games, the FIFA marketing is nebulous and uses hashtags like #FootballUnitesTheWorld. Despite the tournament host country discriminated against LGBT people, the quarterfinals’ hashtag, #NoDiscrimination, was chosen.

FIFA has already given the go-ahead for another planned act of activism by England, in which players will take a knee to draw attention to racial injustice.

“Of course we realize in the Premier League that the teams have decided to only do that for select games, important occasions,” England manager Gareth Southgate said.

“We think this is the biggest and it’s a strong signal that will go throughout the world for young people, in particular, to realize that inclusivity is really essential,” the statement reads.

Wales should “dare to dream,” according to First Minister Mark Drakeford, while Prime Minister Rishi Sunak tweeted a video of himself marking up a wall chart with fixtures and the words “do us proud” next to two flag emojis.

The American team received a call from US President Joe Biden, who encouraged them to “go shock ’em all” because they had “some of the top players in the world on your squad.”