Taylor Parker handed death sentence for murdering ‘friend’ and cutting baby from her womb

Taylor Parker handed death sentence for murdering ‘friend’ and cutting baby from her womb

A woman who killed a pregnant woman she knew and removed her unborn child to keep as her own was given the death penalty.

After Taylor Parker, 29, was found guilty last month of killing Reagan Simmons-Hancock, a Texas jury executed her on Wednesday.

In order to remove the baby, she “sliced her abdomen, hip to hip” in October 2020 after hitting and stabbing the 21-year-old in the head.

Taylor Parker

The incident, which occurred at Ms. Simmons-house Hancock’s while her 3-year-old daughter was present, left Ms. Simmons-Hancock still alive, according to the prosecution.

About 35 weeks into the pregnancy, the unborn kid did not survive.

Parker was referred to as a “evil piece of flesh devil” by Ms Simmons-mother Hancock’s Jessica Brooks in a statement she made in court.

She said: “When you tore her open and ripped her baby from her stomach, my baby was alive and still fighting for her babies.”

In New Boston, 160 miles (258 km) northeast of Dallas, a murder occurred.

Parker was stopped that morning for speeding and reckless driving.


The infant was discovered in her lap with what seemed to be the umbilical cord emerging from her jeans, giving the impression that she had just given birth.

Only after they were both taken to the hospital did the terrible truth begin to surface.

According to the prosecution, Parker staged ultrasounds, had a gender reveal party, and made herself appear pregnant in the days leading up to the murder.

Homer Hancock, the victim’s husband, said that his wife had a “slight friendship” with her murderer and that Parker had captured their nuptials and engagement images.

Defense attorneys said that by failing to confront Parker about the phony pregnancy, family and friends had let Parker down.

When everyone saw the wheels were off, there was no safety net, according to attorney Jeff Harrelson.

During the prosecution’s final arguments on Wednesday, the jury in Bowie County was shown a crime scene photograph of Ms. Simmons-blood-stained Hancock’s body.

Parker could have received a life sentence without the chance of parole, but instead, she is currently on execution row. Her lawyer stated that an appeal is planned.