Swimming instructor arrested as four-year-old dies on second day of lessons

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Following the drowning of a four-year-old boy during a swimming session, a female swimming instructor has been detained.

On June 14, the incident took place in Georgia, USA.

At a home in Burke County, toddler Israel “Izzy” Scott was participating in his second day of swimming lessons.

Agents from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation served Lexie Tenhuisen, Izzy’s instructor, with an arrest warrant on Tuesday, January 17.

Officials have decided to file a manslaughter prosecution against Tenhuisen, 66, who was previously not charged in connection with the boy’s drowning because they believe there is sufficient evidence to support it.


Izzy, according to the authorities, was one of numerous young children who took swimming lessons from Tenhuisen during the summer.

Reports state that at the conclusion of the boy’s second class, he secretly dove into the deep end of the pool.

When Tenhusien’s granddaughter saw him, she told her grandma to dry off since she had just come out of the pool.

She then swiftly dove into the water to save Izzy while the other parent, a nurse by profession, started performing CPR up until the arrival of emergency personnel.

The youngster was then taken in a serious state by ambulance to the hospital, but he never recovered consciousness.

Izzy drowned accidentally, according to the results of a post-mortem, which excluded any suspicion of foul play.


However, it is believed that a subsequent inquiry discovered evidence of negligence, opening the door for a significant criminal case.

Tenhuisen made an appearance this week at the Burke County Detention Facility on a charge of involuntary manslaughter.

She was later granted bail and released, according to the authorities.

It hurts to think that nothing, absolutely nothing, will bring my precious kid back to me, wrote the child’s mother, Dori Scott, in a social media post.

Who would have anticipated this would happen? “I picked someone I believed would be an excellent fit for him to learn to swim.”

Israel drowned approximately 10 minutes before his swim lesson concluded, according to the family’s attorney Lee Merritt, and there were nine other swimmers in the class.