Sue Mingus First Husband: Who is Alberto Ungaro?

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Sue Mingus was an American record producer and band manager.

She was married to jazz composer and bassist Charles Mingus, and formed tribute groups to perform his music after his death.

She won a Grammy Award in 2011, having earlier received four nominations.

Sue was acting in O.K. End Here (1963), an experimental film directed by Robert Frank, when she first met Charles Mingus.

Sue Mingus First Husband

Sue Mingus First Husband: Who is Alberto Ungaro?

Who is Sue Mingus’s first husband?

Alberto Ungaro is the first wife of Sue Mingus.

Mingus married her first husband, Alberto Ungaro, in 1958. They met in Rome while she was working there.

Sue Mingus First Husband

Together, they had two children: Robert and Susanna. They separated after several years of marriage before his death in 1968.