Sue Mingus Children: Meet Robert, Susanna Mingus

Sue Mingus was an American record producer and band manager.

She was married to jazz composer and bassist Charles Mingus and formed tribute groups to perform his music after his death.

She won a Grammy Award in 2011, having earlier received four nominations.

Susan Graham was born in Chicago on April 2, 1930.

Sue Mingus Children

Her father, Louis, was a mathematician and engineer who had aspired to be an opera singer; her mother was a housewife who played the harp and piano.

She grew up in Milwaukee and attended an all-girls school. She studied at Smith College, graduating in 1952.

She then worked as an editor of the International Herald Tribune in Paris for two years, before being employed by Clipper, Pan Am’s in-flight magazine, in Rome.

Sue Mingus Children: Meet Robert, Susanna Mingus

Who is Sue Mingus Children? Does she have a Son or daughter?

Mingus married her first husband, Alberto Ungaro, in 1958. They met in Rome while she was working there. Together, they had two children: Robert and Susanna.

Other details about Robert and Susanna are not mentioned to the public.