A Florida man was arrested for allegedly spying on the occupants of a coffee shop called “We Spy Coffee & More” by installing a camera in the men’s restroom.

Spyridon Voulgarakis was arrested and charged with battery and video voyeurism by the Tarpon Springs Police Department on March 11.

According to police, a man using the restroom at the coffee shop on Dodecanese Boulevard discovered he was being recorded by a camera hidden beneath the sink.

Spyridon Voulgarakis: Florida man accused of secretly recording men with spy cam in the restroom at 'We Spy Coffee & More' cafe
Spyridon Voulgarakis booking photo

The customer confronted Voulgarakis, who was later identified by police as an employee and business partner of “We Spy Coffee & More.”

The victim also contacted law enforcement, and during the investigation, police said, Voulgarakis admitted that he placed the camera under the sink and recorded the victim and other men using the restroom.

The investigation into the matter is ongoing.

Anyone who has visited the coffee shop since February 13, 2023, used the men’s restroom, and believes they may be a victim is asked to contact Detective Melton at 727-938-2849.

Police have stated that all victim identities will be kept private.