Spanish teenager, 15, who shot dead his parents and 10-year-old brother, over his poor school grades is jailed for six years

A Spanish teenager who shot dead his parents and 10-year-old brother after being penalized for bad school results has been sentenced to six years in prison.

After being barred from surfing the internet or watching television, the 15-year-old shot his mother with his grandfather’s hunting rifle before turning the weapon on his younger brother and father.

He lived with their bodies for several days at the family house in La Algoda, near the Costa Blanca town of Elche, south of Alicante, until the awful crime was found.

Spanish teenager

On Saturday, it was revealed that the triple teen killer, known only as Santi for legal reasons, had been sentenced to six years in prison and three years probation for the crime, which occurred earlier this year.

He is anticipated to serve the majority of his term in a closed young offender institution before being transferred to an adult jail, which is the utmost allowable under Spanish law for a youngster his age.

According to local sources, he confessed to carrying out the murders on February 8 at a trial that was held behind closed doors owing to the involvement of a kid.

If he had been a year older when he committed his crimes, he could have been handed a ten-year custodial sentence.