Son of film director Paul Auster , Daniel Auster Dead at 44

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Daniel Auster Dead at 44

The son of American Writer and film director, Paul Benjamin Auster, died Tuesday at age of 44.

According to a person familiar with Auster, he was out on bail and facing manslaughter charges coming from the demise of his 10-month-old daughter, Ruby, on Nov. 1.

Daniel Auster Dead at 44

Auster died of an accidental drug overdose, law enforcement sources told The Post. The overdose is believed to be accidental because there were still drugs on him and the dose was similar to what he would normally take, the sources said.

On the afternoon of Nov. 1, Auster was caring for his 10-month-old daughter Ruby when paramedics arrived at his Brooklyn home after receiving a 911 call and discovered the newborn unconscious and lifeless.

She was taken to Methodist Hospital and pronounced dead there.

Authorities claimed Ruby died of a fentanyl and heroin overdose, according to an autopsy.

According to investigators, it’s unclear how Ruby got the medications into her system.

Daniel Auster Dead at 44

Daniel Auster dead at 44

According to authorities, Auster was detained on April 15 and charged with manslaughter and criminally negligent murder.

Auster pled guilty to stealing $3,000 from cocaine dealer Andre “Angel” Melendez in 1996, after his roommate, New York party organizer “Club Kid Killer” Michael Alig, was famously assassinated by his roommate.

According to testimony given by those involved with the Alig case, Auster took heroin as a youngster.

His father, Paul Auster, has won numerous international awards for his books, which include titles such as The New York Trilogy,” “The Book of Illusions,” and “Moon Palace.” His mother is author and translator Lydia Davis. Davis and Auster divorced in 1978.