Sidney Powell Parents: Meet William Isaac Powell Jr and wife

Sidney Powell Parents: Meet William Isaac Powell Jr and wife

Sidney Katherine Powell born on May 1, 1955, is an American attorney, former federal prosecutor, and conspiracy theorist. She is best known for her attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election, which led the State Bar of Texas to seek sanctions against her including possible disbarment.

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Sidney Katherine Powell was born in Durham, North Carolina, grew up in the city of Raleigh, and knew from an early age that she wanted to be a lawyer.

Powell has a son from a marriage that ended in divorce “decades ago”. In 2004, she founded a non-profit for victims of domestic violence. She has participated in volunteer work for women’s shelters and other charities.’

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Powell was not recalled as “being a staunch conservative or even very political” by people who interacted with her in those organizations. Powell served as executive producer on the 2013 drama Decoding Annie Parker, providing guidance to help bring the film to a commercial release.

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The film tells the story of Annie Parker and the discovery of the BRCA1 breast cancer gene. Powell oversaw fundraising screenings for the film that raised approximately $1 million for breast cancer charities.

Meet William Isaac Powell Jr and wife

Sidney Powel was born to Mr. and Mrs. William. Isaac Powell Jr. Sidney’s parents are all Americans.

Isaac Powell Jr. Sidney’s parents age are yet unknown.

There is not much information on Sidney Powell’s parents. Sidney Powell loves to keep a private life hence she hardly talks about her personal and family life.