She’s Got What McBrown Paid her Doctors to Get – Fans React as Abena Korkor Shakes Huge Nyansh Wild Video

Abena Korkor got back to her antics in a new video shared on social media showing he tw*rking for the camera.

Korkor filmed herself before a house and a car, wearing a red top and black down and having headphones, a designer bag, a bottle of water and other accessories on her person.

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Planted squarely before the camera, Abena Korkor got into her playful and jovial self.

She danced for the camera, making sure to turn her bum bum and shake it well.

Abena Korkor’s distractive dance with her heavy backside shaking stunned netizens and got them talking.

These days, Abena Korkor doing something s*xual in nature shocks no one but one fan was left in awe at the size of her bumbum.

Commenting, the fan said Korkor has for free what many celebrities are killing themselves and spending millions to get from doctors.

“This woman has what some people have had to pay surgeons for. So sad about her mental health,” the netizen said.

“She has the brains to match, too. Serwaa would have had a tough competition if Abena had not taken this route,” another netizen replied to that comment.

Check out Abena Korkor below…

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