Sgt. Juan Maldonado: Texas state trooper fired for inaction during Uvalde school massacre

Sgt. Juan Maldonado

The Texas Department of Public Safety has fired a state trooper who was among the first to respond to the school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

Sgt. Juan Maldonado, a public information officer, was one of seven Texas troopers probed by the DPS inspector general for their negligence during the May 24 massacre that killed 19 kids and two instructors, according to the agency.

Sgt. Juan Maldonado

On Friday, he was fired.

DPS said in September that five of the officers who responded to the incident had been sent to the inspector general. Later, the number was expanded to seven officers.

An official familiar with the situation told ABC News that Maldonado, who has been on the police for 23 years, was accused of not following active shooter procedure during the massacre.

He is the first DPS officer to face disciplinary action as a result of the inspector general’s investigation.

Over 370 law enforcement personnel from multiple agencies, including 91 DPS officers, responded to the school. Despite the overwhelming response, it took police more than 70 minutes to enter the classroom and apprehend the gunman, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos.

Maldonado was seen on security camera footage keeping the school door open during the shooting, according to ABC. On video, he stands motionless as another officer dashes out of the building, covered in blood, screaming for more officers to enter.

Sgt. Juan Maldonado

Earlier this month, Uvalde school administrators fired a newly appointed district cop after a CNN report found that Crimson Elizondo, who was also among the first Texas Department of Public Safety officers on the scene, failed to take appropriate action.

Pete Arredondo, the former Uvalde school police chief, was sacked by the Uvalde school board in August.