Schoolboy, 14, ‘stabbed IT expert, 53, to death’ outside Asda ‘after group of youths were told to stop messing around’

Schoolboy, 14, ‘stabbed IT expert, 53, to death’ outside Asda ‘after group of youths were told to stop messing around’

In Redditch, Worcestershire, 53-year-old Ian Kirwan was fatally stabbed in the heart in front of terrified shoppers.

On Wednesday, five juvenile defendants, ages 13 to 16, who had been charged with murder, manslaughter, and violent disorder, went on trial.

Jurors were informed that one of the accused, who is 14 years old, has admitted to striking Mr. Kirwan fatally.

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In addition, the 14-year-old entered a not guilty plea to a charge of having a bladed article in public.

The local man Mr. Kirwan, a software engineer employed by Jaguar Land Rover, was described in court as leaving his house on March 8 to go shopping before stopping by Asda to use the restroom.

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He is alleged to have asked a group of boys why they were “messing around in the toilet” after he had left the store.

Jurors were informed by prosecutor Benjamin Aina KC that this was the time the victim.

He stated before Birmingham Crown Court: “Ian Kirwan departed from his Redditch residence with the goal of visiting B&Q to buy a light switch.

“Ian Kirwan went into Asda and entered the customer restrooms at at 7:15 p.m.

“When he did, he encountered a group of five young men who were playing around in the restrooms.

“Some of these boys were outdoors when he eventually exited the restrooms and the Asda store.

A fight started when he asked them, “Why were you playing around in the toilet?” or words to that effect.

The prosecution claims that all five youngsters were legally equally to blame for Mr. Kirwan’s death.

The five defendants were a part of a bigger group that “all had their faces disguised with face coverings” when they rode a train the night that Mr. Kirwan died, the prosecution stated.

He claimed that “they were dressed to conceal their identity.”

Mr. Aina testified in court that the youths were “climbing chairs, throwing trash, and prompting members of the public to move away” during the group’s train ride from Birmingham to Redditch.

“Something really crucial happened during the course of the journey,” the prosecutor continued.

“This knife was seen on CCTV tape when we were traveling.”

Mr. Aina testified before the jury that Mr. Kirwan had attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and that if he felt threatened, his arms would extend.

He acknowledged that the 14-year-old defendant had mental health issues as well, but claimed that at the time of the homicide, he was experiencing a “behavioural disorder” as opposed to a mental illness.

On Wednesday, the group denied allegations of murder, manslaughter, and violent disorder related to the attack.