Savannah Graziano: Details of how Teen Girl witness her Father Killed her Mother

A 15-year-old teen identified as Savannah Graziano witnessed as her father, shot and killed her mother.

The teenage girl killed alongside her father in a shootout with California police on Tuesday witnessed her dad murder her mother the day before, officials said Thursday.

Savannah Graziano, 15, was seated in the back of her father’s pickup truck the moment he stepped out and shot her mother, Tracy Martinez, to death on Monday, Fontana police said.

Investigators previously believed the teen was somewhere else at the time of her mother’s murder and was later kidnapped by her father, Anthony Graziano. However, new video evidence shows she remained inside the truck while her mother screamed, according to police.

Savannah Graziano

“She’s just sitting in the backseat,” Sgt. Christian Surgent said in a phone interview with the Associated Press Thursday.

According to cops, two videos, one captured by a doorbell camera and the other by a witness, showed Savannah inside the truck between 30 and 60 seconds before the gunfire erupted.

According to witnesses, Martinez remained in the vehicle as she attempted to flee her handgun-wielding, estranged husband.

Martinez, 45, was shot multiple times and killed by Graziano. Martinez was able to identify him as her assailant prior to her death.

Graziano was armed and dangerous, according to police, who issued an Amber Alert.

On Tuesday, a 911 caller reported seeing the car in Barstow, sparking a lengthy police chase down a desert interstate that ended in an exchange of gunfire.

The pursuing officers were fired upon by the pickup and returned fire, killing Graziano inside the truck.

Savannah exited the truck while wearing tactical gear and a helmet and was fatally shot as she ran toward deputies amid a hail of gunfire.

Police are looking into whether she was shot by officers, her father, or both.

The state attorney’s general office is also reviewing the shootout because a minor was involved.