Sav Regensburger: I had 14 tattoos in one session with the knee pain was excruciating, but it was well worth it.

That’s what Sav Regensburger did after asking the tattoo artist for 14 individual fine line inkings on her leg.

In the video, the brave TikTok user can be seen walking to the tattoo parlor and saying, “Come get my leg sleeve with me.”

Sav Regensburger

Next, she’s sitting in the chair deciding on a design, shortly before the tattoo artist sets to work.

“Started with just the script and a blank canvas,” she explains.

“The knee may have been the worst pain ever but we made it.

“The leg took five hours and was a combination of 14 small pieces.”

Sav Regensburger

Sav captioned the post: “14 tattoos in one sitting and wow was it worth it!”

The video has since received 2.6 million views and a flood of comments on social media.