Saul Consuelos: Who is Mark Consuelos’ Father? Bio, Age, Nationality, Wife, Kids

Saul Consuelos

Mark Andrew Consuelos is an American actor. He is best known for his portrayal of Mateo Santos on the ABC soap opera All My Children and as Hiram Lodge on The CW drama Riverdale.

Consuelos had a starring role in the educational serial Connect With English, which aired on public television stations as part of the Annenberg/CPB Project.

Saul Consuelos

Saul Consuelos: Who is Mark Consuelos’ Father?

Saul Consuelos is the father of American actor, Mark Consuelos.

His son Consuelos received the American Latino Media Arts Award for “Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Soap Opera” in 1998 and 1999.

Saul Consuelos

How old is Saul Consuelos?

Saul Consuelos’s age is currently unknown, however, he is believed to be in his late 70s per his pictures seen.

What is Saul Consuelos’ Nationality?

Saul Consuelos is of Mexican descent.

Who is Saul Consuelos’ wife?

Saul Consuelos is married to Camilla Consuelos.

Who are Saul Consuelos’ Children?

Saul Consuelos is a father of three children, Mark Consuelos,  Joaquin Antonio Consuelos, and Lola Consuelos.