Sally Rugg is an Australian activist and writer, known for her advocacy work on LGBT rights and social justice issues.

She is the Executive Director of Australia and has been actively involved in various campaigns, including the successful campaign for marriage equality in Australia.

Rugg has also written for several publications and has spoken on various platforms, including TEDx.

Rugg was one of the many public faces of the “YES” campaign in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey and also campaigns for Safe Schools.
Until her highly publicized dismissal in 2022, Rugg served as the Chief of Staff for Independent Member of Parliament, Monique Ryan.
In 2015, Rugg became the campaign director of Australia, and later became the Executive Director in 2020.

Rugg was a prominent figure in the successful campaign for marriage equality in Australia, which led to the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2017.

She is also a vocal advocate for trans rights and has spoken out against the discriminatory treatment of trans individuals in Australia.

Sally Rugg Net Worth

Sally Rugg Net Worth: How much does Sally Rugg worth?

Sally Rugg has a net worth estimated to be about $1 million. Rugg has won numerous awards due to her campaigning for the YES same-sex marriage vote.

There is a room named after Rugg in Oxford Street, Sydney named “The Sally Rugg LGBTIQ Pride Room”