Ryan Fitzpatrick’s wife: Who is Liza Barber?

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Ryan Fitzpatrick’s wife: Who is Liza Barber?

Liza Barber is the wife of American ‘National Football League’ (NFL) player Ryan Fitzpatrick. She has always been an ardent fan of football and has played the sport in college.

Ryan Fitzpatrick's wife: Who is Liza Barber

A ‘Harvard’ alumna, Liza was the captain of her university’s soccer team. She and Ryan both attended ‘Harvard’ and began their relationship at the university. Following a courtship of a few years, the couple finally got married in 2006. Liza and Ryan are blessed with six adorable children and are expecting their seventh child.

Who is Liza Barber?

Liza Barber Fitzpatrick is a former college football player, a football fan, and wife of the fine quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Does Liza Barber have kids with Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Liza and Ryan have a huge family for an American couple, having seven children; 4 girls and three boys. Their children’s names include Ruby, Maizy, Zoey, Lucy

Liza Barber family