Reece James racist troll tracked down in Middle East just three weeks before World Cup in Qatar

Reece James racist troll tracked down in Middle East just three weeks before World Cup in Qatar

A RACIST cyberbullying England ace Three weeks before the World Cup kicks off in Qatar, Reece James was located in the  Middle East.

The 22-year-old Chelsea defender is about to be arrested after making remarks to foreign authorities, the police, and Instagram.

Reece JamesA racist troll who abused England ace Reece James has been tracked down to the Middle Eas

According to Reece, “It’s challenging.”

Reece, a victim of internet bullying, expressed his determination to combat the problem by saying, “Whenever I see it, I report it.”

The England star, who was the target of a racist tormentor, spoke up as the target was being caught.

Three weeks before the World Cup in Qatar, the evil troll has been located in the Middle East.

It’s about to be arrested.

Reece, a star for Chelsea, admitted to The Sun that he occasionally receives racist comments but has never really encountered one in person.

“Trolls constantly use the keyboard as cover; anytime I notice it, I report it.

One of those things is difficult to regulate. They are typically fraudulent accounts.

He reported a string of racist abuse from an unknown account.

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Reece began giving statements to Instagram, the Met Police, and foreign officials in February of last year, and the culprit is finally on the verge of being apprehended.


“It’s tough,” Reece admitted, “when you have to spend so much time on interviews and statements and then nothing comes of it.”

“I had this one last season, with monkey emojis and all that.”

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“Previously, I didn’t really open my messages, but one day I saw it and reported it.”

After posting a photo of himself training, a man using the handle mhmd.awada wrote, “How can you f live with dirty black skin?” and other vile racist slurs.

This was followed by him.

Reece, whose sister Lauren is an England Lioness and a Chelsea player, believes the time has come for a top-flight player to come out as gay.

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“I don’t see why it hasn’t happened yet,” he continued, “in the women’s game it’s quite open and there’s a lot of relationships.”