Qatar have point to prove against Senegal says coach Sanchez

Qatar have point to prove against Senegal says coach Sanchez

The Asian champions wish to avoid following Switzerland, Chile, and South Africa, who were all eliminated in the first round of the finals in 1954, 1962, and 2010, respectively.

After a lackluster effort against Ecuador in the tournament opener, Qatar lost 2-0. Many supporters left the stadium 20 minutes before the game’s conclusion.

This club has something to show, Sanchez said during a press conference. “Hopefully we can play freely and without pressure and be better than what happened in the first game,”  Sanchez said.


“Matches are influenced by a wide range of variables, but the most crucial thing is to give our all; in the World Cup, failing to do so will result in punishment.”

The Spanish coach said he didn’t anticipate his players giving another subpar performance like that against Ecuador and he wanted them to play with their typical character and exert more effort.

“Things were quite difficult emotionally, and coping with the World Cup is an entirely other experience. In order to compete with Senegal, I hope that the performance will be as strong “Added he.

According to Sanchez, the team has put itself above criticism from the outside world and the players are committed to give it their all.

“We didn’t bring the fans joy, but we attempted to stay away from a bad atmosphere in the last days,” he remarked.

Sanchez does not think that Qatar’s football project would be over if they were to leave the World Cup early.

“We braced for the prospect of an early exit because we are a small country—the smallest to host the World Cup—but this does not mean the initiative is over.

He continued, “I have no doubt that Qatar will continue their project to keep a quality team, compete, and qualify for the following tournaments.

Ismail Mohamed, a midfielder for Qatar, stated that the World Cup performances of the Arab teams had Qatari players envious.

While Tunisia and Morocco earned goalless draws against Croatia and Denmark, respectively, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia astonished the world by rallying from a goal down to defeat Argentina.

“Certainly, the accomplishments of the Arab teams inspired us to strive for excellence, regardless of what transpires off the field.