Pope Skinny Says Shatta Wale Has Been Chopping Down Magdalene, His Supposed Cousin & Is The Cause Of His Breakup With Michy (Full Gist + Photos)

Pope Skinny has lots of ‘keys’ on Shatta Wale that were supposed to just remain within the camp but now that their relationship has fallen out, with Shatta Wale calling him a r@pist, he feels, he also has to say all there’s to say about his former boss to also demean him.

It’s more like ummm, “You spill my beans, I spill yours” kind of thing and we don’t know what more Pope Skinny will be saying but since we are a celebrity gossip blog, we will keep publishing as long as he’s talking.

Pope Skinny has said in his latest Snapchat story that, Magdalene Love a lady Shatta Wale tags as his sister is responsible for the breakup between Shatta Wale and Michy as she’s Wale’s sekz toy.

If this is true, then we are not shocked. I mean Wale has not hidden the fact that he likes women. For an artiste who streamed the moment, he was been given a BJ by another woman, what else will surprise you about his sexual adventures?

I mean someone who publicly embarrassed his own ex-girlfriend Michy, by revealing how he allowed other men to sleep with her for cash.

This is not too hot to hurt Wale, but then his other claim sort of makes us understand why Sarkodie dissed him ‘Advice’ that he can’t buy a tear rubber, Range Rover.

Here are pictures of the girl, Magdalene Love Pope Skinny was speaking about—She’s not ugly as Pope wants us to believe right? Or it’s the filters err?

Also, see his screenshot from his Snapchat below:

Photos of Magdalene Love

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