Police motorcyclist injured in crash with two lorries as he dealt with Just Stop Oil eco morons

Police motorcyclist injured in crash with two lorries as he dealt with Just Stop Oil eco morons

As he attempted to clear the M25 of eco-terrorists attempting to block the road, a POLICE motorcycle officer was hurt in a “severe” collision with two lorries.

On Britain’s busiest road during rush hour, protesters from Just Stop Oil have scaled gantries near various Junctions, causing chaos.

Police motorcyclist
One person has been arrested for causing a public nuisance after a lorry crashed on the M25 during a Just Stop Oil protest
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Specialist officers trained to work at heights are working to remove protesters from the gantries

The horrifying collision occurred when a protester attempted to climb a gantry by running onto the freeway between Junctions 26 and 27.

After a rolling road block was set up, a collision between the trucks and a police motorcycle occurred.

Fortunately, there were no significant injuries to the motorbike rider, and the protester was detained for producing a public disturbance.

Officers once more moved quickly to minimize disruption, and two people have already been taken into custody, according to Chief Supt. Simon Anslow.

“One of our cops was hurt while trying to help with this scenario.

“Our officers who specialize in road policing are committed professionals who go to work every day to help the public and keep you safe on the roadways.

As of this morning, the eco-idiots have shut down the J4 in Kent, the J30 in Essex, the J22 in Hertford, and Junction 8 in Surrey.

The freeway is currently shut down in both directions between J26 and J27 due to the collision of two lorries.

A protester from J8 has now been removed by Surrey Police, and they have also taken them into custody for public annoyance.

Before they could ascend, authorities detained another.

Additionally, Essex police are on the scene near J30 of the M25, where one person was stopped after climbing a gantry.

Along with a specially trained Protest Removal Team, the Herts Police are responding to reports of protest activity at junction 22.

“Our officers are responding to a report of demonstrators close to junction 4 of the clockwise #M25,” Kent Police continued.

A steel ring was built around the orbital road that connects London and is traveled by up to 200,000 vehicles each day by six forces from the South East.

To quickly remove any demonstrators, specialized squads with officers equipped with climbing gear and cherry pickers were already in place.