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‘Please bring back NBA because my boyfriend is over ‘Chopping’ me 6 times a day, sucks his manhood every 2 hours’ – Ladies cry as they quarantine with boyfriends


It seems the coronavirus is really hitting hard at lovers the most as they quarantine with their boyfriends.

Some two ladies are calling on the National Basketball Association (NBA) be brought back because their boyfriends are over using their bodies.

They claim their boyfriends have turned them into sex machines and ‘chopping’ them left and right.

One Facebook user recognized as Tina Taxtime Turner was the first to cry for public sympathy by writing:

“Bring the NBA BACK..I’m over here gettin fuckd 6 times a day..”

Right after posting that, another lady Tina Mac also disclosed what she is going through in the hands of her boyfriend.

She wrote:

“Bihh, that’s all…..I gotta suck d#ck every 2 hours..”

That is interesting.

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