Photos: Yaa Jackson’s “Skimpy Dress” & Her Boyfriend At The Premiere Of Baby Mama Movie

The first premiering of Tracey Boakye’s movie, “Baby Mama” premiered at the Kumasi mall, yesterday and in attendance were most of the cast featured in the movie including Yaa Jackson and the many movie fans.

From what NsemWoKrom.com gathers, the premiere in Kumasi was a success as lots of fans of the many cast in the movie showed up to support and we say congratulations to Tracey Boakye who produced the movie.

It’s almost like Yaa Jackson wore an old dress of hers at the time she was 12 as it looked very skimpy on her and unable to properly catch her pumping dress.

I mean it’s not like she’s got dem big ones that she wants to forcibly flaunt. With her breast almost looking like it’s going to burst in that dress, many have wondered on Social media why she chose such a dress for an important premiere like this.

Anyways, see the photos and video below and tell us what you think about her dress too in comments.

Watch a video of her in the dress below

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