Philip Baker Hall cause of death, net worth, wife, Children, Age

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Philip Baker Hall cause of death

Veteran character actor Philip Baker Hall, whose TV credits includes The Loop, Modern Family and Falcon Crest, died on Sunday. He was 90.

Philip Baker Hall cause of death

Philip Baker Hall, born on September 10, 1931, was an American actor.

Although known primarily as a prolific character actor, he starred in leading roles on films, such as Secret Honor, Hard Eight, and Duck.

His other supporting roles in films include ones in Say Anything…, Boogie Nights, The Truman Show, Magnolia, The Contender, Zodiac and Argo.

Hall was born in Toledo, Ohio.

His mother was Alice Birdene (née McDonald), and his father, William Alexander Hall, was a factory worker from Montgomery, Alabama.

He attended the University of Toledo.

He served in Germany as a United States Army translator and as a high school teacher.

He worked for Off Broadway and Broadway productions in New York City.

Hall had two daughters, Patricia and Darcy, with his first wife, Mary-Ella Holst.

He married Holly Wolfle, and had two daughters, Adella and Anna.

What was Philip Baker Hall’s net worth?

According to sources, Philip Baker Hall had an estimated net worth of $750,000.

Who was Philip Baker Hall’s wife?

Philip Baker Hall was married to Holly Wolfle, the couple got married in 1988. They’ve been together since until Philip Baker Hall’s sudden death.

Philip Baker Hall first got married to Mary-Ella Holst, where they had two daughters, Patricia Hall and Darcy Hall.

How old was Philip Baker Hall?

Philip Baker Hall was born on September 10, 1931. He was 90 years old at his time of death.

Did Philip Baker Hall had kids?

Philip Baker Hall had four kids, Hall had two daughters, Patricia and Darcy, with his first wife, Mary-Ella Holst, and two daughters with his current wife, Holly Wolfie.

Philip Baker and Children

What was Philip Baker Hall Cause of death?

The cause was complications of emphysema, his daughter Anna Ruth Hall said.


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