Ghanaian Pharmacist, Mr. Stick Releases a catchy song to raise Awareness on Multidrug-Resistant Gonorrhoea

Written by: King Bygone
Mr. Stick

Ghanaian pharmacist Sylvester Joseph Azumah, known by his stage name Mr. Stick, has released a compelling new song titled ‘Gono‘. The track serves as an informative anthem addressing the pressing issue of multidrug-resistant gonorrhoea and advocating for responsible sexual behavior.

Mr. Stick
Mr. Stick

Gonorrhoea, a sexually transmitted infection (STI), poses significant health risks, especially when left untreated. Alarmingly, many individuals, particularly women, may not exhibit noticeable symptoms, leading to delayed diagnosis and increased transmission rates. Furthermore, the bacteria responsible for gonorrhoea has developed resistance to nearly all available antibiotics, exacerbating the urgency of addressing this global health concern.

Mr. Stick’s ‘Gono’ project aligns with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Action Plan to Control the Spread and Impact of Antimicrobial Resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoea. By leveraging the power of music, Mr. Stick aims to raise awareness, promote preventive measures, and encourage open dialogue about sexual health.

Through his song, Mr. Stick seeks to achieve several key outcomes:

Increased Awareness: ‘Gono’ serves as a platform to educate the public about gonorrhoea, other STIs, and the growing threat of drug resistance. By disseminating essential information through music, Mr. Stick aims to reach a broader audience and spark meaningful conversations about sexual health.

Promotion of Preventive Measures: The song advocates for the use of condoms as an effective preventive measure against gonorrhoea and other STIs. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of practicing abstinence as a viable option for preventing transmission.

Encouraging Dialogue: By addressing taboo topics surrounding sexual health, ‘Gono’ aims to foster open and honest conversations. Mr. Stick hopes to break down barriers to communication, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their sexual well-being.

Mr. Stick’s unique approach to public health advocacy underscores the significance of interdisciplinary collaboration. As a pharmacist and pharmacovigilance officer, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the forefront of this vital issue. Currently pursuing a Master of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology at University of Ghana, Mr. Stick’s dedication to promoting drug safety, antimicrobial resistance awareness, and responsible sexual behavior is evident in his multifaceted efforts.

The release of ‘Gono’ marks a significant milestone in the fight against multidrug-resistant gonorrhoea. By harnessing the universal language of music, Mr. Stick has created a powerful tool for social change, amplifying the urgency of addressing this global health crisis.

As WHO reports indicate, the majority of gonorrhoea cases occur in the African regions, highlighting the critical need for targeted interventions and widespread awareness campaigns. Through collaborative efforts and innovative approaches like ‘Gono’, we can strive towards a future where multidrug-resistant gonorrhoea is no longer a looming threat.

Listen to the song below;

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