Person staying at Manston migrant processing centre in Kent dies in hospital

Person staying at Manston migrant processing centre in Kent dies in hospital

The Home Office has confirmed that a resident of the Manston migrant processing center in Kent passed away while receiving medical care.

They were admitted after falling ill, and they passed away early on Saturday.

According to a Home Office official, there is “no indication at this time” that the death was “caused by an infectious condition.”

They continued, “Until a post-mortem examination has been completed, there will be no detailed remark.”

The statement stated, “We take the safety and welfare of individuals in our care extremely seriously and provide 24/7 medical facilities with trained professionals at Manston.


In a tweet, the Home Office expressed its “deep sadness” at the incident and its “heartfelt condolences to all those involved.”

Manston has recently been the subject of debate.

It can only accommodate 1,600 people for a maximum of 24 hours, yet earlier this month, there were close to 4,000 individuals on the premises.

Unrest was “spreading across the camp” and some migrants were threatening to commit suicide and go on a hunger strike, according to Sky News.

A farmer from Eritrea claimed he was fed cold hot dogs for lunch and forced to sleep on cardboard.

Others pleaded for assistance by sending a message in a bottle over the security barrier.

More over 40,000 migrants have crossed the English Channel this year, it was announced earlier this week.

In an effort to cut down on the number of travelers using the risky route, the UK and France have reached a new agreement.

However, experts in migration and policing asserted that cutting current numbers would require more than £8 million in additional funding, 40% more officers on French beaches, and improved intelligence sharing.