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Patapaa’s ‘Sco pa tu mana’ enters World Dictionary

Patapaa’s “Sco pa tu mana‘ term has find its way into the Dictionary — the phrase was added to the list of terms on the online dictionary site and Urban dictionary.

If you’re an active user of Twitter, you’ll realise that ‘sco pa tu mana’ has become very popular on the micro-blogging site.

Someone will post a word or image with caption, ‘sco pa tu mana’ and people would reply with their honest opinion on the word or image that was tweeted.

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Well, after the term as gone viral, people are finding meaning to it and the above mentioned online dictionaries have decided to come up with their explanations of the word.’s explanation reads;

“Sco pa tu mana is a nonsense phrase made popular by a rap by the Ghanaian musician Patapaa. The phrase inspired the Skopatumana Challenge, where people post videos of themselves rapping Patapaa’s lyrics.”

While Urbans Dictionary says the phrase has various meanings depending on context and can be used in a variety of ways.

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How is Sco pa tu mana used?
Urban Dictionary gave two examples about the usage of the gibberish word.

“Fat girls usually have tighter “scopatumana” and “This red dress reminds me of our “scopatumana.”

“I really be walking around saying, “ sco pa tu mana” without even knowing what I’m saying,” according to Dictionary’s example.

Both dictionaries trace the origin of the word to Ghana but according to Dictionary, curious fans have discovered that sco pa tu mana coincidentally resembles expressions in Hawaiian, Malay, and Indonesian.

Meanwhile, Patapaa in an interview explained the word “Skopatumana” was inspired by the Holy Spirit and has no actual meaning and only came to him through the gift of tongues.

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